June Baby Pageant - Novice voting

I must apologize for posting this so late… I have been so very busy with the doll show and my sculpting class. I have been having such a great time - I will tell y’all about it when I return.

Here’s the wonderful entries for June. Please take into consideration the voting criteria as you make your decision.

The Monthly Baby Pageant (MBP) is not sponsored by BB but instead, by several long-term members of this wonderful forum. BB’s only role is that of providing the platform on which we can learn from each other and encourage others to push the boundaries of their art. We firmly believe that competition is an incentive to each of us to do our best and improve our reborning skills and as such, have created this pageant to push the artist in each of us. Any and all concerns should be directed to the pageant hosts and not to Bountiful Baby. Good luck!

All active BB Forum members are encouraged to vote once for the baby who BEST fits all the following criteria:
… • Overall presentation: including outfit, posing, props, photography and theme
… • Painting - including nails, creases, lips, skin tones and mottling, if done
… • Hair: rooting, painted/rooted or bald if appropriate for the sculpt and overall look of the baby.

Monthly, the best over-all Baby Pageant winner will be announced and a logo will be sent to the winning Artist on the 1st of the following month which is the start of the next pageant’s month. The logo will be the same each month with an outside border depicting that month’s theme (for example: shamrocks for the March “Wee L’il Ones / Luck o’ the Irish” competition).

I am sure your are forgiven, but I have been watching for the Pageant voting to show up… Glad you are having fun in NC… Anxious to have you tell us all about it when you get back home…

Yay I was so happy to see all the gorgeous babies!!! Thank You for posting I know you must be soooo busy!!


— Begin quote from “UnknownFemale”

What sculpt is #1? I can’t place it.

— End quote

I think it is Eden by Marissa May…

Everyone did great!!!



Did I miss the post announcing the winning baby and who made all of them???