June 3 year

I am needing to know will the new kit June 3 year that stands at 36 inches tall will it fit in the
nuwave oven and what size dresses tops pants outfit sets shoes and boots will she wear.

I hope she fits in!! I did read on this form she’s 3-4yrs clothing size. 6-7 shoe size. I have her (in a bag still cuz there’s no body) and already went shopping, :rofl: can’t wait!! The picture is size 6 shoe. If that helps.

Hi here is the post showing her in a nuwave oven ,also she can fit clothing size of 12 to18 all the way up too 2t depends on brand as some run small or larger she can fit 6 and 7 in shoes I bought 7 to not have them to tight on her feet with socks or tights I hope this helps. Big girl June - #5 by Msmimi04