July swap mamas

Is there a way if you have picked a name out for for your baby can u post it here I’m working on designing a birth certificate while i wait for the kit to come and would love to put a babies name on it

Yes the one u well receive

sounds good. hum I will have to think. LOL I am horrible with names. I love the name Tabatha Louise Jenkins for a girl. If it turns out to be a boy Jackson Edward Jenkins. I hope my partner posts a name or two.

I was thinking william micheal lloyd for boy and for a girl bella marie lloyd

I like unusual names so for a boy Trystan Elijah and for a girl Elleiahna Morgan

There are 4 more to respond I love this idea.

My if a girl Veldean that was my moms name and Andrew for a boy


Windy me too! I ordered my partners first choice and I love it!