July Reborn Swap Week 1 Check-in

Hi ladies doing a weekly check-in to see how you all are doing on your babies , My Kit will be here tomorrow and I will be starting on my , also was going to let you know that my granddaughter did the swap names for me . I put everyones name on a piece of paper in the order I received them , then put everyones name in a cup and she drew the names out ( the first name she drew went to first name on list and so on ) so if you have someones name does not mean they have your. I am also doing a swap with robincarrol (she didn’t sign in on time for our July swap so we decided to do a swap between us )… Im excited about this swap and hoping everything goes good with it . This is first time I’ve hosted one and I’m a little worried that I’m doing everything right … If I’m not PLEASE let me know … thanks

I have my kit and will give her a bath today. Then I have to work 48 hours Monday and Tuesday and I am going to try to reborn Monday. If my thumb is not healed enough I will at least sew on the layette.

I got mine last night and have bathed it and it now Has three layers of flesh and just a few minutes ago did the vains i just love this Kit so cute can’t wait for it to be finished its adoable

I am going thru with drawls LOL I have not been able to reborn in over a week. I worked 110 hours last week so that helped keep me occupied

I will order my kit this week and get started right away. So excited!!!

Way to go! I root in the vehicle when I am not driving of course!

My partner’s baby is on the way!!! Yippee!!! I am so excited to get started.