July baby swap week 4 check in

Hey ladies ,We had 2 weeks left before we can start shipping our baby out … I have two swap babies one just needs to be put togather the other I still have a Lil painting left then I have to root it … Hoping my painting will be done tomorrow … I’m so excited about this swap and hope all goes well …

I have to do something on the baby photo album and mine is all ready. Even have her box and she is in it just not closed.

Almost done with rooting and still need to get the birth certificate done but finished all my extras but one so i well be done with this cutie soon this one is my best by far. And have a funny thing happen with it the other day i brought just the head to my grandmothers so i could work on while my baby neice had her birthday party and had to stop and and get gas while hubby was pumping the guy on the other side starts freaking out that i scared him so bad i hadn’t realized that i had babies head in my lap with the bottom porsion covered with a towel apparently he thought i was holding a baby and i had picked the head up to look at it and he was watching me do it he was so scared he yelped out like a high pitch scream and told me he swear u was holding a real baby lol i ofered him to hold it and he was to scared to come near it