July baby swap week 3 check in

Hi ladies I’m out of town with my husband for a few days will be home Tuesday , but before I left I was rooting one of my swaps and painting my other swap baby … Hoping to be done with one this week …

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I’m heading our of town for a few days too! The swap babies are due to be sent out the end of June right?

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Hi yes the last week in june anytime after 24th but by the 30th …

Mine is put together born last night. I will do photo shoot wed I hope

I began rooting yesterday i have put together about half of the extras and made a blanket for it last night i get to go shopping for the rest Saturday so i hope I’m done rooting by then so i can put it together before i get the clothes

What all extras do we add in? I did one inanother forum and I was told it was about the baby not the extras.

Yes it is about the baby but it’s up to you if you want to send extras …

Almost done with the painting!

I am so sorry to hear its head split. Did BB say anything? Maybe you can glue it and make the split look like a scratch and at least donate it or something. A daycare might like it.

Awesome, i hate to see a baby go unloved.

I plan on sending mine with a paci an extra diaper extra outfit the blanket i made and the birth certificate and maybe a stuffed toy

My will also come with extras …

Thank you ladies. So far I made a quilt, paci, outfit, head band, bracelet, birth certificate, and I will have some pictures today maybe to print for babies first photos album. She is dressed in the things. I am going to experiment with a shoe idea today I hope, I am off work but I need some foam. I am looking for the right color bottle and was wondering what else I needed. I wanted to do everything but I also wanted to stay within the rules. I have an idea for second outfit since it is allowed, I so love being creative. Thanks to a friend here last night who gave me a pep talk I am ready to face the world with my babies again. I am so excited about this now again. I took her eyebrows and eyelashes out and did them again and again,but looked pretty much the same to me. I always leave eyelashes a little long for some peoples taste so the new mom can cut them the length she wants if I cannot get her to see them before I deliver. I have seen the preaching short eyelashes but I have seen so many with long beautiful lashes I wish I personally could have. Sorry I am venting a little today. I am about to get to go home after a 48 hour shift at work in about 2.5 hours. I got about 6 hours sleep last night so I feel great this morning. Have a great day and I will see you online later today for sure. Hugs to all.

Every single one of my kids had long lashes even at birth I’m so glad your not giving up on ur babies they are so beautifu

I figured out how to make flip flops. Mine are going home with flip flops

My babys belly plate i got cracked on the callar bone area should i try to fix it and send it anyway or should i leave it out

I say try to fix it and send it. Those are usually for show anyway right? And Ty Crystal for saying my babies are beautiful.

What do u think well work on it i don’t want to ruin it worse

Lol well your teenager come with extras

Looks like there will be lots of lucky new moms soon! I always leave the lashes a little long too.

Happy birthday and I will take your teenager. I can keep them busy we have enough officers and fire fighters and EMS personnel we an keep them busy.