Juan is now Juanita!

Here is my version of Juan, now Juanita. This kit has been my greatest challenge and I don’t want to do it again… I need some tips and suggestions before I offer her up for adoption. I don’t know how to tone down her lips! Please be honest, I’m a big girl and I really need some honest advice. Thanks in advance!


She is cute, hardly looks like Juan, I would tone down her lips but I don’t know how to help.

Thank you. I think her lips need toning down too, so maybe someone will chime in and tell me how…Juans head was just to big for me. It needed to be covered so rooting all that hair was a must.

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Try green washes over the lips


I love her hair but I like more hair on babies than most.

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Thank you, me too!

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A couple of green washes and some light flesh should tone her lips down.

Thank you

You’re welcome. Let us know how it turns out. Did you root that giant head?

Yes I did and it took forever!

Nice Juan !!! That is a tough kit. You did a wonderful job on her and I love her hair. I am sure your hands are aching after that big noggin, lol. The lips are a bit red but we have all done that and I have not found a way to tone those down either.

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Thank you. Yes my hands hurt…I had him rooted half way as a boy. Didn’t like him so pulled out all that hair and started re-rooting as a girl…I’m so re

Ready to be finished

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You made me tired with starting over; I can’t imagine but understand how it is when you don’t like how it’s turning out. I see many Juan’s as boy but I think he looks better as a girl.

And I totally agree.