Juan is AVAILABLE NOW! Also, BB needs your help

Hi Everyone!

This message is coming directly from Nevin Pratt (CEO here at Bountiful Baby). First of all, we have just released “Juan” (Juan is a BIG baby about 28" long, and was sculpted by talented Donna RuBert). Here is a link:



And, Juan is being released at ONLY $29.95, instead of our usual $39.95. Also, our recent new releases Kimi, Elsie, Blaze and Hailey have been reduced to only $29.95. Why? Because we need your help.

Take a look at this picture:


This is a picture of one corner of our warehouse. You can also see the letters “Q”, “R”, and “S” along the wall (as well as isle’s “L” and “M”). Our warehouse folks pull items from the clear bins in the isles, and the blue bins along the wall are our overflow area (when our clear bins are empty, we replenish them from the blue bins).

From along the wall, the doll kits are organized by name. For example, Quinton will be found under the “Q”; Riley will be found under the “R”; Savannah will be found under “S”, etc.

The problem is: we have completely run out of blue bins. We have another 450 blue bins on order, but they won’t be here until sometime late July (about 4 more weeks). Plus, it looks like our receiving schedule has us receiving a LARGE number of restock doll kits long before the blue bins come in.

So, what do I do? I have no place to put the arriving kits. If I leave the newly arrived kits in their shipping boxes while I await the delivery of more blue bins, then my vinyl inspection team won’t have any work to do. They inspect the kits, and fill the blue bins. But I have no more blue bins. What do I do?

It’s obvious. I need to ship kits out of the warehouse to make room for the arriving kits. And to do that, I have authorized a massive kit sale.

As of right now, I have put most of our kits on a deeply-discounted sale. Some of our full size kits are as low as $12.98. Many of them are only $14.98, and most of them are now under $20. And, nothing is more than $29.98.

We’ve never had this low of kit prices before, and once we get our blue bins in, we probably never will again.

How long will this sale last? I don’t know. It will last until the need to make more room has gone down.

Which kits will remain on sale? Again, I don’t know. The kits that we have a higher days supply of will be marked down more aggressively than the others, and will remain so until our stock is better balanced.

But, the bottom line is: we’ve never had a more aggressive kit sale than right now. PLUS, we have just released Juan (by Donna RuBert) AND our other recent new releases have been marked down.

If you’ve ever thought about buying any particular BB kit and have held off, I think now is the time to buy. Prices have never been lower. We need your help to move kits out of the warehouse.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

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