Juan (aka biggest baby ever, lol) WIP

Finished rooting last night! Omgosh that was…time consuming to say the least lol

Looking great so far! I have never done a Juan but I imagine he is huge especially when rooting that head! I do adore those dimples.

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Wow that’s a big job! I have a toddler in my cache of kits and I’m thinking it will take me 6 months to root that head given that I plan to take breaks from it. She will have a full head of hair. I’m thinking that she will be a winter baby as it’s way too hot now to be using the oven and she’s way too big for my halogen oven.
And love those baby dimples!!

LOL, Missly21, you must not live in the northern hemisphere! We are in that up and down cycle where I am, one day in the mid-70s, the next in the mid-40s! Not full winter but we don’t usually get super cold here (our super cold is only in the teens for a low thanks to air off the ocean fifty miles away)

As for Juan, I love the dimples but sort of dread the thought of hauling around a toddler! Not to mention trying to fit him in the oven without cringing at the thought of roasting a baby that is big enough to crawl out of the oven!

Lol. Yes I’m in Northern Australia. Cairns to be exact. Very tropical ATM. The air conditioners are getting worked overtime. We swelter as the humidity is quite high. Dare not heat the house up anymore by using an oven. I don’t own any winter garments. Never need them. We only dream of snow and I have never seen it. LOL

Missly21 I have an unrelated question you may be able to help me with. I am going to be trading some clothes to a fellow Australian. I have a few outfits and some dummies to sent her. Maybe 5 Newborn sleepers and 4 dummies. I have been told that it is around $30.00 to ship them. Is it really that expensive to ship things there? I hope not because I really like the idea of trading… :frowning:

You can go to USPS.com and with the box dimensions and weight, you can calculate the exact price. I sent Asher (around 8 pounds) in the BB box and an outer box and it was just about $90.00.

Hi…just been reading Pia’s suggestion and I agree that would be the best bet. At least you would have some idea of what you will be up for based on weight etc. There is also a waiting time involved. I have ordered some items from G Britain and had to wait 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. I allow 4 and if they arrive earlier …bonus! BTW love the idea of trading items. I would like to get some mohair from the US but ATM the dollar value kills the deal.
Good luck anyway.

The face says Juanita…

I agree lol, but his mommy says no, :confused: