Juan 28 inch

I am making 28 in. Juan. Please give me suggestions for creating weight for him. He is very large and I don’t want to make him too heavy.

Because he’s so big, I would only fill his limbs about a third of the way then pack the rest tightly with polyfil and use plugs or moleskin to cover the openings. If the limbs are too heavy it will cause stress on the joints. Put most of the weight in his body and don’t put any weighting in his head. Insert a piece of foam pipe insulation (looks like a swim noodle). I cut it to fit about halfway into the head and the same amount into the body. Do the piece that goes into the body first. fill the head with polyfil and make an opening for the pipe insulation then pack more polyfil in the neck to keep it in place. This gives the head support while still allowing it to turn.


I did like @jeanhai He is a big boy and wears Size 2 clothes and a size 5 shoe!

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I want to make a toddler so badly one day!! I’m obky on my third reborn so I need more experience but I’m looking forward to it. More than likely it will be a keeper lol. I use genesis. Would I use two extender rings for my Nuwave?

That I can’t help you with. I use air dry, but someone here will know.