Journey EEEEKKKKK and I will buy 3 lol

I have been on the teeter totter with Journey. Do I want 1 or 3. I cannot WAITTTT to reborn her! If anyone on here already knows, I love LLE Kits! If anyone has any of the kits I do not have you can send me a message and if I have the money at the time I may purchase. I have Indie, Evangeline, Serenity and Americus.

Below are the two that I painted and rooted already. UGHHHH so excited!!! EEEEKKKKKK


Me too!!! I looked at the info card LLE put up and apparently there is going to be a second edition too!!! So I may end up with more than one as well…

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I have a Kami Rose kit that is from the first limited edition of 100. This edition was only available in person at ROSE. I paid right around $150. You can have her for that plus shipping to you if you are interested. PM me your zip code and I will figure out shipping if you want her.




:heart_eyes: I want her!

You can snag her, even though I hate to pass.

I mean Journey, but Kami Rose is awesome too. All of her babies have a “family resemblance” :slight_smile:

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Yes. So americus and evangeline are similar if you look at them side by side. Indie looks like a spin off evangeline too

I need to sell some dolls so I can buy more.

Like the face, not crazy about the torso. I think s/he loos like Americus and Lil Treasure mushed together.


I can see that! !!!

I just want one😉.i have serenity and americus.i love the scrunchy brow ones.

I love scrunched faces too!

I have Serenity, (Discontinued) Tristan and my favorite of all so far Miracle.

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I have my americus because of all the help you gave me.

and serenityand would love to have miracle,but i started late in the game.its ok im hoping to get journey.:wink::blush:


Lucky! I want the miracle kit one day.

You guys make me want to paint my americus and serenity right now. I need to wait until I finish my custom:(.

They are so much fun to much detail.

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Yes, Indie and Evangeline I was in such a hurry to paint!!! Love those two. I need to hurry and finish this baby so I can start my other two.

I still have one blank just waiting for the right time to paint her, :slight_smile:

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Hahah lucky!

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