Joseph's body?

Does your Joseph’s body look like this?

No, it’s one I ordered. Does look to long? Are his thighs supposed to look like this?

Something looks wrong here.

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Yes it does. I just dont know what to do. His body looks too long and his thighs stick out too much.

Is it backwards? It looks backwards. Which body style is it?

What body is this?

Well, I dont know. It’s the body Roseanne makes.

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Ok…no it’s not backward because the gathers are in back.
I rearranged his stuffing some and his thighs look a tiny bit better.

It’s still looks too long and not wide enough.

Proportionally, his arms should at least me able to touch the tops of his thighs. Or at least close to look right.

Those thighs though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Do yall think the 300 body would fit differently?

I used the 300 and it was a nice fit. People say it’s too small but it wasn’t on mine.

Thanks…will order it.

I used the 300 on my 3 month Joseph awake, with the torso. It seems to fit him well.

I think the legs look too big for the arms and cloth body. I had a baby who had been put on the wrong size body, I couldn’t get her to look right no matter what. I got the excellent advice on here to swap it for a shorter one, only an inch or two, but oh my what a difference!

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Thank you Doll…I cant wait to get it.

I ordered 300 and liked it much better.