Joseph 3 month realborn

Hey guys so I am obsessed with Joseph realborn 3 months… I really want him but I’ve never had a closed eye baby before, should I wait for the open eye or go for it with the closes eye I need your help guys! Xxxx @bbsupport

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Go for the closed eye! I want to make him but I am not feeling ambitious enough to do such a big baby. He’s precious I can only imagine how much fun he must be to dress!

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I was thinking of getting the closed eye and then when the open eye comes out get him too so I’ll have twins… What’s your experience with closed eye?

I prefer to collect sleeping babies, they look so cute lying there. Reborning them is pretty easy too! You could wait for 3 month Joseph awake but it may be a long wait, they haven’t even shown prototype pics yet! I don’t know if they have him in production yet either.


I got a message off Jessica to say it will be 2019 :disappointed_relieved:

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I also saw a photoshopped picture of him with open eyes and he looks so precious

Yeah that was my picture lol! I can’t wait to see the real kit!

It was amazing! I don’t want to have to wait until 2019 lol

I’d get the closed eyed one and work on him while waiting for the open eyed one. 2019 is only 92 days away.


When you say work on him do you mean try open the eyes myself? Or? I feel like 92 is so long I’m on of these impulsive people :joy: it’s ridiculous once I saw how chubby he was I was like “I need him” he’s so cute I just don’t want to get him and be disappointed that his eyes are closed because I don’t know if it’s only me but I do talk to them and watch movies with them too

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They look realistic vs open eye babies. But the open eyes have better expressions lol.

So would you guys suggest I get a closed eye one now and then when the open eye comes out I get a twin?

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I guess it’s a 50/50 I love everything about him only thing that bugs me is that his eyes are closed but if I get him he’ll be my first closed eye baby it might be special

I reborn mostly closed eyed babies because I feel they are more realistic in person, just my preference

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I missed Joseph when he was first released, but got him this time. He is adorable-such a cute face. I say get the sleeping one and enjoy him while waiting for the awake version :grinning:

@jennyk well I’ve ordered him with a fabulous reborn artist! So excited now

Well guys I did it! I’ve found a reborn artist and she’s ordered me Joseph and when the new awake version comes out he can have a twin! Xx thank you sooooo much for your help :heart: