Joining the Saskia train!

Just ordered her from nonies show me yours for inspiration! Also what clothing/shoe size??


Oh she is beautiful!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Oh neat :slight_smile:didnt mean to ignore the pacifiers i honestly didnt even see that till’ now lol… but i will keep you in mind i dont normally buy them but have seen them and i just might make an exception i will let ya know :slight_smile:

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Here’s a sneak peek of mine, she still needs some better pictures taken. Mine wears some 0-3 but mostly 3-6. And depending on the brand some bigger sizes fit too. She wears a size 1 shoe :slight_smile:


Oh how gorgeous! This kit is apparently bigger then i thought! Haha☺

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She’s a big kid! But she’s very realistic. I took her to visit my Grandma in the hospital and we kept being stopped by older ladies and nurses wanting to know how old the baby was lol She’s been a lot of fun to dress too


The trains is getting long to me …I have one girl and one boy and I am starting soon the third one .


Love the sneak peek Milo :blush: She’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see her complete :heart_eyes:

Andi I love them!!! That black & white pic is stunning :heart_eyes:

Thank you . I love everybody’s Saskia …I think the kit is stunning .
I enjoyed working on them

love to see all of your babies. I had a hard time deciding boy or girl! :grinning:


She’s beautiful!! I’ll be starting mine in the next couple of days. I’m so in love with this sculpt :heart_eyes:

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I love it too, by the time I get one everyone will be tired of that kit, lol.

Love your Saskia!!! What did you use to gloss inside of the mouth?

Most of the times I use Alan’s paper glaze

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Ok, thanks!

@anon23407953 How did your baby turn out, it looks good!