Johannah 😍

BB sent a Rose expo book in my order today. Why has nobody who went to Rose said anything about this upcoming kit?! She is beautiful, and finally an ethnic Realborn! :heart_eyes::heart:


Awe, so cute!

Yay! Finally!

I saw her in my pamphlet too, I cannot wait!!

I got a packet and I didn’t even look through it! Running now to get it

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I hope I get one to…

Same here

She’s so adorable

So I contacted B.B. about this kit and was sent to the out of stock page. Umm she’s not listed there. I checked last month and today. Anyone else happen to have information on the Realborn Johannah? Looks like the other two Darren and Alexa were released or at least listed on the website

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I can’t wait for this one. Hopefully she will arrive soon :heart_eyes:

Me too. I so need this one