Joann 20% off sale

Ok today Joann has a 20% total order for curbside pickup. Tell me what supplies I can get there. I know I’m going to get some Royal Silk polyfil. I was hoping for some prisma pencils but it looks like they only have sets and not individuals, bummer. I don’t need poly pellets but I might get some fat inserts for the bum area. What else? Thanks y’all!

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You can get individual prisma pencils at micheals craft. I’ve had a really bad exterior Joanns curbside ordering! There Wendy is not up to date on quantity!! Plus there backed up on orders. If there open with restrictions I’d go in instead!!


Do they sell the insets?

I thought they did but I don’t see them online. :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

I have not looked there because I seldom get to that store anymore. They used to a good bit closer to me. I haven’t looked on their website, either, but was thinking maybe I would be able to get some there! :slight_smile: