Jewls by Sandy Faber?

I am finally able to buy a kit! I was looking at Ginger as a substitute for the Sunny kit that I desperately want. Any thoughts on other kits that might fit the bill?

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Vivienne or James by Sandy Faber.

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Thanks! I actually like a couple of her kits. That little Jewls is too cute!

Realborn Joseph awake actually looks a lot like Sunny and is easy to get and much cheaper! There is also this cutie coming out soon that is like a bigger Sunny :smile:
Shaya by Bonnie Sieben


Dang! He is a really close match.

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I was also thinking about Jewls

Her mouth is more open, but she is super cute. Sometimes her limbs seem too long, though. And one pic shows her having a huge gaping mouth. Anybody have any experience with this kit?


I love Phoenix but I keep buying other kits and Im afraid by the time I get around to purchasing him they will be sold out! I just preordered the new LLE kit (paid in full) so I still have to wait.


Phoenix is my dream baby to reborn when I get some experience :heart_eyes:.

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He does, and that is what I thought to when ordering. But I didnt think so once painting the kit… and it hasn’t sold either… maybe no one likes how I painted it. lol

Wow I never ever noticed this!! Thanks!