Jesse by Kelly Rubert

Did you see the photo of Jesse in the Gallery. Head by Kelly Rubert and limbs by Donna. Wish there were more photos to see. I think she’s so cute.

OOOO no, I’m going to see her now! Thanks for the heads up

FOUND HER, she’s cute, but we can’t see much beyond the head so I’m wondering if they are using limbs from another Rupert doll? Or were these new for this head…we’ll find out soon enough I guess

Headed over for a look… Maybe they will use limbs from Denise Pratt’s babies! (fingers crossed).

The auction shows the limbs. Fingers are webbed (not my favorite), but it says it is by Kelly Donna Rupert, not just Donna?? do like this little face with the sucky bottom lip though!

Thanks Pia for the link - she is adorable and while I’m not a fan of the webs, she really did a nice job

I think she has the same limbs as Kimber. Kimber is supposed to be 19" and Jesse is 20"? Who is Kelly ReBurt?

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Looks like Holly’s limbs if I’m not mistaken…wish they’d come up with different and new limbs, especially for these newer kits…I don’t like those fingers stuck together like that…but the prototype is adorable - I hope the actual kit is also.


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Thanks Barb. You are right and Samantha has the same limbs too. I misread the info in the auction and thought she was 20", but I see she is 22.

I didn’t know that Donna had a daughter that also did sculpting. Has she done others for BB?

I agree about the hands. Love the face though!

I love her little face…and I will be adding her to my list at some point. It’s obviously more cost effective to keep
paying for just a new sculpted head than more limbs. I agree though and wish the original limbs were a bit appealing.

I didnt see her until I read this and went and checked. OH MY GOSH my heart is hurting from how precious she is! WO!

Can anyone tell me about the hair- I love the hair on this doll and want to do hair like that. Is that human hair>?

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Can anyone tell me about the hair- I love the hair on this doll and want to do hair like that. Is that human hair>?

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Marie doesn’t say so in the auction, but most of her babies are rooted with human hair and I am almost certain this one is too. Did you check out the auction? want to be Marie when I grow up!

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Auction does state its human hair. I just love her! I don’t collect but I sure do want this one!!!

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I missed it in the auction. I actually typed my note before I read the next post because it was on the “next page”, so I just scanned the auction and didn’t see it. Marie almost always uses human and I think this color is one of her favorites too because she uses it quite often. Beautiful baby.