Jen- Air Convect Oven

Hi, I am new to reborn. I have never reborn and I would love to painted one for my granddaughter instead of buying one. Just seems more precious! I am every crafty and can paint anything I look at. My concerns are the baking in the oven. I have a Jen-air convect with fan. Will this be ok as it is my main oven that I cook meals in? I have been reading and watching videos for a while and you all have scared me to death !! lol So, I am sure I wlll be back many times ! Thank you all so much !!

Doing one baby probably won’t hurt anything as many of us old timers started out using our main ovens to bake babies in.I would clean it good afterwards and not cook food in it between your layers of paint without cleaning.Vinyl does give off fumes.Clean it good and air it out afterwards and you should be fine doing one precious baby for your granddaughter.If you get hooked and decide to do more,invest in a nice nuwave or similar oven.

Thank you Mary Jane

What Nuwave would you recommended ?

Nuwave pro with extender ring is what I use.The extender ring is a must as it keeps the vinyl from being too close to the element.You can get the knock off brands which are around $30 right now this close to Christmas.Home Depot carries them as does our ALDI grocery store.They work fine.Usually they are glass and the Nuwave is plastic.I have used the knock off ovens,(have one now as a back up and for when a kit is larger and all the parts won’t fit in one oven.)I think a lot of the ladies on the forum have the knock offs and have not heard any complaints about them.Any Nuwave will work,even the older models as long as you get the extender ring.I have noticed them on Ebay and other local selling avenues for reasonable prices.Some of the ladies here purchased from QVC.That said, New Nuwaves cost more and are slightly bigger around than most of the knock off versions.

Thank you I will check into that. My granddaughter is wanting Chanel. I also seen her on Reborn kits and supplies for $169.00 complete kit. I do not know if this is good or not. Could you tell me if this is a good price and place to buy? Or should I order her and everything separately? Gotta love these newbies !

Mary Jane, is the infrared one ok or not ?

I believe so.

If the one baby is all you are doing I would just buy the basic color set(petite size) from Bountiful Baby.About 2 pounds of glass bead or since it is for a child you can use the poly beads(available in craft stores or WalMart) as weighting material.Small bag of poly-fil. WalMart and craft stores carry that as well.Genesis should be thinned very thin and applied in many thin layers. has videos on youtube. Kim is very easy to follow along with when reborning. Also Denise Pratt has a video on there that is good to follow to create a basic first baby.

I have been watching them for weeks trying to learn all I can. Thank you Mary Jane

Mary Jane ordered the nuwave ! Thank you for the help, I am so excited !! My husband and I take short term mission trips. I do a lot of crafts and painting to raise money for supplies for the missionaries. This would be a great way if I could just take one or two with me to sell. We shall see how the first two go !

Have fun and welcome to my reborn doll addiction.Been selling babies for 9-10 years and making them about 12 -13 years.First 30 or so went to relatives and friends until I felt they were good enough to sell.