Jaycee kit

I am expecting my first brand new baby in a couple days. She was reborned by a new artist. What should I be expecting?

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What do you mean exactly?

Did you see the doll before you bought it? If so that’s what you can expect. If not… who knows? Right now only the artist who made her :joy:


I have never owned a brand new baby. They have always been from another reborn mommy. I have seen pictures of her and she is beautiful. I’m just wondering if there is something that I should do differently when she is delivered. I always gently clean them with a baby wipe. Should I not do that?

No. You should never use baby wipes, alcohol or anything abrasive on a reborn. It can damage or take off the paint. Only use a soft cloth and warm water.


Thank you, I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.

Post a picture when she arrives. I’d like to see her.

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Yes! Please show us!!! And CONGRATS!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I will

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I would not expect much from a brand new artist, but sometimes they are lovely exceptions from that. Did you buy her on Reborns. com?


I purchased her on eBay

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Please post some pictures when you’ll get her. I hope you’ll get a pleasant experience!

Jaycee is here

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Are you happy with her?

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I am very happy. Almost cried when I opened her. She is so perfect.


Congrats to you!!! That’s so awesome!!!

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Thank you