Jannie de Lange Toddlers on Sale at Doll Dreams

Just FYI - If anyone is interested in getting Timone, Kimi or Eva by Jannie de Lange, Doll Dreams has them on sale right now. With the discount they end up being around $58. Great price but they probably won’t last long.

I already had Timone and Andres so I bought Eva. I wanted Kimi, too, but it looks like Clyde will be released some time this month and I really want him so I’m putting myself on kit restriction until then. It’s soooooooooo difficult to resist. :anguished:

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Is this on the doll dreams website? I’m not seeing it. Can someone post a link, please?

Thanks so much. I did find it but I don’t see where there’s a discount to make it come to $58. I see it as $85

@greta The discount shows up when you add it to your cart. The price still shows as $85 but if you look down at the total there will be a discount and the $58 will show there.

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Thank you!

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