Jades on sale

Jades on sale today. I’ve been needing to order( didn’t have to wait but a few day, YES) I wanted to wait for Jade to go on sale. I took 2 hours to make an order. Froze on me then ordered 400 40mm plug and would not let me delete it just kept freezing and adding not subtracting. My order at one point was over 500$ when I got it right was a little ove 100$ . Y’all be careful if ordering today I don’t know if it was my phone or the site.


Whew! Yeah those numbers sure do add up on ya!! I have to have someone sit beside me when I order and say no you don’t need that. Haha. I’d get carried away. Joseph is coming this week too! Unfortunately we got a $200 power bill that needs to be paid first.

eek! Thanks for the warning

What do you think about Joseph? He’s absolyely beyond adorable but I don’t know if he will be tough to do in the Nuwave.

I got Jade last night, as I have no intention of getting the 3 month Joseph. He’s too big. I love chunky babies, so my little June made a nice one lol :slight_smile: Boys don’t sell for me and there will be many of these floating around.

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I probably need someone sitting by me when I order, too, to say, “NO”! But, I can tell you – it would cause a major fight! LOL I spend my own money so I don’t want to be told how to spend it. My hubby is actually very good about things. But, I am sure he doesn’t think I need all the sculpts I have ordered since I started this in February of this year. But, if I see one that I have really been wanting and it is on sale, I just have to order it! Actually, I have tried to hold back and sometimes it will go off sale before I order it, but if not then I usually end up ordering it anyway. Unless, of course, funds are too low. I don’t use credit cards. I know I would get in serious trouble!

I wanted to order 10- 40mm plugs it put 400-10 mm plugs, I ordered 6-20mm plugs it ordered 300-20mm plugs then didn’t want me to take any off. I didn’t need that many