Jacqueline Kramer's Class question

Does anyone know what type of needle Jacqueline Kramer will be using in her mono-rrooting class at ROSE? I want to practice as I have a terrible time rooting with any needle except the forked needles. Is anyone else taking the class? I know a couple of us are. It’s only one day and it’s still open.


I was wondering the same thing. I bet @EmilyBB could find out for us since BB folks know her so well. Keep our fingers crossed.

@honojane I found this picture I saved from Facebook that Jaqueline shared. I see a green needle which is a 40g 3 barb. I can send her a PM to see for sure.


That would be so cool. Could you do that? Then we’d both have the answer.

Sure thing.

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@honojane I got the answer kinda

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