Jacqueline Kramer DVD

Has ayone bought these DVD’S and if so what is your opinion?

I have. The lighting is not good in them. You really can’t see the details n what she is doing.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with me!

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I have all three. I think for the $10 they have them for on sale, you can’t go wrong. It is true that the quality of the videography is not really professional, but I did get some things from them.

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Thank you for sharing that information with me!

Agreed. Lighting isn’t good enough to see what’s going on. The other thing was that she used premixed paint for everything, so that was disappointing as I only have what I need to mix my own colors. But for $10, you can’t go wrong. You will probably get something out of it.

I haven’t tried the painting dvds but I really liked the rooting dvd! I knew most of it but there were a few things I learned that really stepped up my rooting!

Do you use the Heavenly Illusions needles? Ever get hairs that you root that there is a tail sticking out and when you pull the tail the hair comes out because it has been folded in 2. I root a single hair at the end but this happens every 10 hairs or so. Any advice?

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Root closer to the end @danidolly. The tails happen when you root too far up.


I will try that thanks! I think I am at the end. It is like the needle doesn’t release the hair…

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Thanks ladies, I knew I could count on you guys!

When that happens to me I try pushing the hair in further with the needle. Just poke the needle into the same hole and usually the hair goes the rest of the way inside the vinyl


Thanks!! I am going to try that instead of pulling the tails

For anyone who has watched her videos, when she is painting the blush on the bottom of the feet, does she have thinning medium in the mix? She gets a nice color that shows up and seems to blend well. I was watching the preview of video 1 and wondered if she says what she used in the paint.


I can’t remember specifically, @InfantInspirations, it’s been a while. But from what I can remember, she just used thinner. That and she used some of the premixes straight out of the pot.

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Wow, straight out of the jar with no thinning? I wonder if that’s what she did with the blushing on the bottoms of the feet. Or with just a tiny amount of thinner. Sometimes I think I use way too much thinner for things.

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Yes, @InfantInspirations. She went straight in the pot quite a few times. For the fingertips for sure, the rest I can’t remember. I was too disappointed about the premixed colors to pay attention.

Edited to add that she might have done some of this by dipping her brush in thinner then going in the pot.

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This would make a lot of sense as I have quite the time blushing fingers and toes. Sometimes it’s just too thin even though the color I mix is quite dark or if it’s really thick you need to blend like a crazy person. I worry about it out of the pot though. If there’s pitting in the vinyl that would be a bear to remove that saturated paint?

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I don’t use straight paint but pretty darn close. This is what I use for blushing and creasing. Quin. crimson mixed with a couple drops of thinner.

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