Jackie tutorial

Has anyone followed Jackie Kramer painting video and be so kind as to share there work?? I followed it step by step, even though it didn’t look like enough layers and base color was orao. I stopped working on my kit a while ago out of frustration. But need 2 kits as Christmas gifts for family. I’m a little nervous that my (followed steps) are going to look bad. I’m not impressed by the colors currently and I actually finished the skin colo per her video. Problem is it doesn’t look like I expected it to. Any pictures would e great!!

I have, can you post a picture so we can see how it look so far n give you suggestions.

I’ll post tomorrow, got to dig her out of storage. I was so frustrated I didn’t want to see her. But now I’m ready to try again. :blush:

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I understand

Don’t follow her step by step. People who do tutorials give you basics but don’t usually tell secrets and it’s understandable they had to paint a lot of babies to find their mojo and that would kinda end it for them if they gave everything away.

It is just a guideline. You can mix up those steps, and you might have to do a couple over and over. Use your own colors.

Start off light and build your color. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun.

You can’t do anything wrong or bad and you can wipe it off before you bake it if you don’t like it.

Worst case you strip the baby and start over, no big deal.

Some artists use a lot of orange, some like blues, some love the pinks and others paint with a lot of red. It’s personal. I did a snow white and challenged myself to use only black, red, flesh 02. Nothing else and she came out pretty awesome to me.


She has very beautiful coloring. Thanks for your advice. I definitely want to have fun and enjoy creating a baby. Not hide it in my closet for several months out of frustration! :blush:


I have a Snow White baby on my list! It’s my goal next year.


The lighting isn’t the greatest.


The lips look great. It’s kinda hard to tell the true skin tone without the proper lighting.

Yah those lips were a challenge. I compared other artists work and still found it challenging. I’ll try to get different lighting photos tonight. Otherwise Monday. Thanks

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Sorry this is late but I’ve been busy with the kids. I snapped a picture next to unpainted kit for comparison. To me my summer looks to orange-red and shiny.

I’m looking at what I posted and it’s darker picture than what’s on my camera. To bad that happened!