J’s Premium Mohair - Have you ever used?

Hello, guys! I ordered some mohairs from Olga (Karmandolls), but she just told me Russia is not shipping to my country by now… (Sometimes I wish I had friends of other countries to ship for be from there, lol)
Anyways, I don’t have any other mohair here at home unless a RubyRed bunch, so I am looking for a good quality mohair for a good price, as with Karmandolls, and I heard about J’s mohair, but I haven’t seen pictures of it on BB’s forum.

If you have ever used it, please send me some pictures. And, if you have other mohairs to recommend, please let me know :heart:

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J’s has a Facebook group where you can see lots of pictures of it rooted, it’s does look like nice hair but I haven’t ordered from him.
I’m still waiting for mine from Karmandolls, I’m in the UK but it’s still taking ages and is currently not moving from Russia!

Love it

What color do you need? Curly? Slight curl?

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For now I’m looking for straight to slightly wavy. I am not so picky about the color, as long as I get different shades of brown or blonde

I love J’s hair. He is not taking orders right now thou!

I used it and didn’t care for it. I found it to be frizzy and messy.

I am in the same boat waiting for my Karmandoll’s ’ hair since March 5/2021. A notification said, dispatch on April / 1/ 2021. Today is April/ 21/2021 and the tracking said in transit! I am now nervous and exited, because Supposedly I should be closest to receive it. it I hope😂. Patience is my name now😀.

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I ordered March 26th, I guess I still have a ways to go!

This gal has J’s hair…can’t see much though.

I love J’s hair! I’ve used his Alpaca on several babies and it’s just beautiful!