Ivy Jane has a mommy!

I sold my Ivy Jane today to a woman who was at the doll show yesterday. She’s totally in love with her but I’ll really miss this one. On the bright side, with the 3 I sold yesterday and the one I sold today if nothing unforeseen happens to eat up the money, I’ll be able to go to ROSE. Whooohooo!!!


Yay!! that’s awesome!

That’s amazing, congrats!!

see you there

Congratulations :tada::tada::tada:
WOOHOOOO :grinning:


Congratulations on all the sales, it will be awesome for you to be able to go to ROSE. Please make sure everyone from the BB forum has a ID tag that says your a BB Forum Member that way we can recognize everyone. Maybe someone on here can make sure you all have one. That’s what we did last year and it worked out perfectly.

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OMG! that little girl is the CUTEST lthing.

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Isn’t she?! :blush: