It's a headless body!

So Jenny’s head is off being rooted and I finally got around to sewing her body today. I couldn’t wait to try her tutu on her. I have put just a white lap shoulder t-shirt under it and I think this will work since the outfit itself has so much frill. I have to find some shoes for her big feet.

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:joy: This reminded me of a doll my mother had almost FOREVER! Lol, A doll she got when she was 6 yrs old, well the head fell off and my whole life I remembered it sitting on her dresser as THE HEADLESS DOLL! For sentimental reasons she never got rid of it and didn’t know how to fix it! LOL

Sorry to post that story here! Just thought it fit well :smile:

I Love the ‘frill’ in her outfit! And her painting is very beautiful! Love the detail in her feet and can’t wait to see the head when she’s finished!

I love all the frills Angie and the picture. Your painting is excellent…she has beautiful hands and feet.

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Emily that is too funny! :smiley:

Thank you Cindy!

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Sweet ruffles. Her nail coloring is very nice!

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Very nice skin tones. Can’t wait to see her head. LOL