It's a BOY! … 1555.l2649
Please cheer him on…he needs all the help he can get on Evilbay.



He is so precious. I love the way you posed him. BOL with the auction.

Cute little fellow… good luck on evil bay!! How has etsy worked out for you??

Good Luck Baby!!!

Thanks everyone!

Etsy…well, Hannah and Cookie have been listed there for 9 or 10 days and NOTHING. Lots and lots of lookers and lots of people adding me to their circles, but no takers. I think the fact that the listings run for 4 months might have something to do with it. I’ll let them go for a little while longer, but after we list the house I’m done with reborning till I get unpacked in Florida.

Thank you, sweet Marlen!

Oh my gosh, karen, he’s so cute! I can’t imagine why it would take anyone more than a split second to say "he’s mine!"
I hope your move to florida won’t take too long or we’ll miss you.
and why doesn’t one of our famous sculptors take a look at Sophia and turn her into a BB? She’s so adorable.

Oh he is darling! And I see you have posted you are moving to FL to live near your Grandbaby, so happy for you! hugs

He’s a sweet baby. BOL on your auction.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Katie, Sophia is my great-niece. I can only DREAM of the day I’ll have a grandchild of my very own…oh, boy…then just WACTH and see how many pics I post…LOL…you guys will throw me outta here!!!