It almost happened

I was almost scammed on a thread titled My father is very ill. When I posted what happened, someone started repeatedly flagging the post to get it closed. Every time it opens, it’s flagged again. Obviously, SOMEONE doesn’t want people to read it. I WONDER who THAT could be.


The thread flagging system is so weird here. And annoying. I’m glad you weren’t scammed. The person who tried it should be ashamed

I don’t understand why it keeps getting flagged.I for one think post like this should be left open so others do not get scammed by the same person.

It’s a ridiculous amount of flags and I think it’s being done by the same person who is watching vigilently to close it as soon as it opens so no one can comment. JMO You can still read the original posts though.



Last nite it opened, so I got on there to see if I could read any thing and by the time I got out of it, it was shut down. Maybe it’s system thing.

Because of the title and because people know it is a scam, they may be blocking her from commenting anymore.

This person has been a member since October of 2015 I wonder why it is just now that problems are coming to light .
Ordinarily the older the join I would think they were a regular and would be known as to what type of person they are .

Me too, but maybe that’s not necessarily the case. IDK

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You have to realize there are always newbies who aren’t aware of some of these people and what they have been up to since 2015.There have been many problems over the years. No I did not flag her .


I haven’t flagged anyone :slight_smile: I have been hanging around since 2016 seen a lot read a lot it was an opinion of mine if they had been here for a while perhaps they were trust worthy .
I guess that needs to be reevaluated and I will have to go on other methods to judge who or what should be believed.

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The positive feedback thread might be a good place to look.


Believe it or not I actually made it on that list :smile: hard to believe because I just don’t usually sell or buy anything on the forum lol