Issue with Romy *Solved!*

So I got my Romy from MacP today. Literally shipped from Canada to PA in 1 day! Anyway, when I opened it the bag said “Spot on right knee” and there is a spot. Is this normal to ship a full price pre-ordered kit that has a known issue?? I’m pretty upset.


If it is on all of them, it has happened. Sometimes they will not change it if is all of them. :frowning: I hope mine comes today.


nope…this was clearly an over sight :open_mouth:
We are so busy and had a new helper so they must have missed the note that was sticker on the kit to set aside.
In the future if you can deal with us directly on our Help Desk it is much easier and quicker to resolve.

I do not know who it is or the order number from a message left on here as you are using a “handle” so I cannot reach you directly…if you do not mind sending us a message on our help desk and we will certainly offer you a few options…
we always will make good for our mistakes…we are very sorry about this :frowning:
hUgs Brenda XOXOXO


absolutely … not normal…thank you for tagging us on here!
We inspect all kits when they arrive & put a sticky note if it has an issue so it got into her box by mistake :frowning:
We will correct it. :wink:


I am glad that it will be resolved for you!

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I definitely will. I’ve never ordered a pre-order kit from you guys before so I just wanted to see other’s opinions on this issue before reaching out to customer service. I didn’t know if it was something that should be brought to your attention or not. Thank you for reaching out!


No, I appreciate it. Everything is resolved and thanks for all the help! Also, I’m having to reread everything because my name is Brenda and I’m easily confused. :rofl::rofl:


LOL…I get it!
Glad it got resolved Brenda…they always put a sticky note on any kits that have an issue so they get left until the very last and of course we will let the customer know first … so this got past the new person helping us boxing & shipping all the Romy kits yesterday.
hUgs (the other Brenda) XO


Oh no! Glad they are fixing it for you. Have fun with your lovely Romy once you get the new one! Is he a good size?

What is the head like??? I normally dislike German vinyl

He is very cute and his head is not too hard. I love him! And his fingernails are awesome! I just did Twin A who barely had any toenails. Lol!


Gudrun Legler does spectacular details on her kits.