ISO torso--lower half

Years ago I bought a lower half torso from some place I can’t remember. Now I’m experimenting again and can’t find it. Anybody know who sells this item?


Irresistables, Dolls By Sandie and MacPherson’s all have them.

They don’t have them. I even tried Puppen Traumland with no luck.

What size are you looking for? I just put three 18" ones in my cart at Dolls By Sandie.

Irresistables has one by Ping Lau. It may be temporarily out of stock, but they do carry it.

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Thanks. It’s a possibility I’m considering. It’s $80. What I wanted was just the lower torso, and they had them a few years ago at one of those suppliers but no more. I have written them and am awaiting an answer. I thought (hoped) someone might have one. LOL

This is a boy lower half torso

Here is the girl lower half torso

This one is 22/23 inch for boy,-torsos-limb-sets/torso-girl-sandy-sculpted-by-sheila-michael-2814.htm

22/23 inch for girl,-torsos-limb-sets/torso-girl-sandy-sculpted-by-sheila-michael.htm

That’s the one. I could not find it. Feel very dumb right now. Did not look in the LDC section. Thank you so much.

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Thanks. I was looking for a 22-23" version. I think I’ve found it now thanks to this group.

You’re welcome :heart:

BTW…what does LDC mean?

Little Dreams Collection, I believe

Thanks again. I think I overlooked that whole section because I didn’t know what it meant. I won’t do that again. I’m looking at EVERYTHING from now on.


Bought the girl torso for my Ivy Jane that just arrived. I want to find a 3 month Joseph upper torso to see if I can make a swivel torso. Wish me luck. Thanks guys.

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Ivy Jane is the only reborn I’ve done that I regret having sold. Can’t wait to see yours.

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Good Luck, can’t wait to see!

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I already determined that Joseph’s torso is WAY to big in the arms for Ivy Jane. If I can’t find a smaller one I’ll just have to keep the upper body cloth. I would welcome suggestions.