ISO tiny preemie pacifiers

I’m looking for very small preemie pacifiers for 12-15 inch babies. Honeybug pacifiers won’t work because of the shape of the mouth. I want small enough ones that they won’t cover half the face.

Have you seen the ones made out of buttons? They look like real ones


@JillianJade has teeny ones for preemies!

Can you show me the mouth shape? I might have an idea.

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It’s kind of pooched out like a kiss and the Honeybug will tilt down toward the chin because I can’t move the magnet lower.


Where did you see button ones?

I seen them on ebay, here is a example.

Those are cute. Thank you.

And easy to make yourself.

Yes, I gotcha.

I have these preemie pacifiers for sale. They are from Germany and are expensive. I sell them to silicone Mommas. You could cut off the nipple and glue a magnet. They are $9 each with $3 shipping.
The one in the middle.


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Wow, 7.60 for a couple of glued buttons? Sounds like I need to get into that business. :rofl:


Seriously. Me, too.

Those are what I’m looking for. How wide are they?

Dolls so real has a few preemie ones that might work for you.

I’m at work now but I believe 1.5 in wide and 1 in long. When I get home tonight, I’ll remeasure and let you know.

Here are some I made for my smaller reborns:

This one I made from a button and I crochet a sc around a bone ring for the handle part.

These 2 I crochet. I don’t have a pattern, but I just crochet a circle to the size I need and then do an edging of just plain or a scallop.

Note: Both types of these pacifiers work best with the round flat magnets.


1 3/8 inch wide and 1 inch long. I just measured them.

These are really cute. I like the little blankets, too.

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Thank you so much. They’re pretty small.