ISO realistic Awake kits

I’m in search of extremely realistic awake kits. For some reason I don’t like awake Realborns. Hoping to find some newborn or 0-3 month sized kits that have realistic open eyes.

I have a Mathis Legler.

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Mick by Adrie Stoete. Michelle by Evelina Wosnjuk (I love this one).

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I will keep him in mind

Wow that’s my first time seeing Michelle. She’s so cute :heart:

She is and she’s so newborn looking.

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That’s exactly what I’m looking to find. More newborn looking. I like Aleyna too but being that I don’t see many examples that I think looked very newborn I’ve been hesitant. I’m still sort of a newbie in this

I really like Corvin and Mika


Agree Corvin is adorable

Both of those are really nice