ISO preemie velcro diapers

Looking for cloth velcro diapers to fit my preemie size orangutan. They don’t have to be functional, so made for a doll would work.
Does anyone here make them or are familiar with any that I can purchase?
I’ve seen a few styles on Etsy. Not sure what might be good or best fitting.
Hoping someone here has some experience with cloth velcro diapers.
Bf offered to buy a bunch of cloth diapers for household use and show me how to fold and pin for diapering, but I don’t want to deal with the trouble and the bulk.
I only used disposables on my own child, so no experience.

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Happy Heinys has preemie cloth diapers with velcro closures.

The Berenguer doll diapers will fit them. I used them on ones I sold. The white terry cloth one with velcro.

Amazon has some newborn size velcro diapers (cloth) for around $7

If you can sew you can also easily make them.

I bought a cloth diaper from @ttulsajess a few months ago. It’s perfect, and she was so easy to work with. Mine has snaps so I’m not sure if she does Velcro, but I think it’s worth reaching out to her!

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