ISO of Loulou by Joanna Kazmierczak

Is anyone selling this kit?? Thanks in advance.

Is she sold out at McPherson’s?

:pensive: yes she is. I had an invoice to pay for her but completely forgot and now she’s sold out.

It says might be sold out. That means they have to check stock because it is low, but there may be a few left. Put your name on the email list and jump on it when you see it :slight_smile:

Maybe they Have to see if people go trough with they are payments . If some fail to pay the invoice then the kit will be available .

I ordered one then next day fall in love with Cayle . Emailed them to cancel , but the kit was already shipped . I might sell her . First I Have to see how she looks like in person .

I paid in full for her a few days ago and it’s still processing. I’d rather have a refund than wait.

I think they had her at irresistables or truborns when I was poking the other day

Btw I would love to see your version of her! I just got the kit and loooooove it

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I have 2 Lou Lou’s, I’d be willing to part with one.


I messaged macs and they said they were behind on orders because of being short staffed.


Thank you. I have been waiting to get and paint her but I guess I was too slow. This pandemic threw me off.

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I’ll message you

Thank you Aly…she’s on her way to me :slight_smile:

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