Isn't this a Tasha Edenholm sculpt?

Look at the face…Isn’t that one of her vinyl sculpts?

Not trying to create drama…I’m honestly just curious.

Looks like Joey or Josie to me

Joey… :frowning: but the nostrils are different. I think they “molded” her kit…

Actually her veins look really good and deep under the skin. But wish people would proofread their listing; she cannot even get the doll’s name right; had KIZA on the top and then calls her Liza

I am skeptical about this doll. The listing does not mention a sculptor or artist name even though it states the artist “has a world wide experience” . The sculpt name is not mentioned either. If someone is interested in this doll, please ask questions!

That bothered me too.

Maybe Kiza or Liza is the sculpt name. :confused:

Yes but the fact that she said it was from a “professional Russian sculptor” doesn’t make any sense to me.
@ludmila I agree the veining on the body looks great. It almost looks like two different people painted her–the head and the body/limbs. The painting is great. But the sculpt…? Probably not authentic…