Isn't it amazing

How sometimes a kit can look so much like a baby you know! I swear Maddie Mae looks just like the Kira sculpt when she was a couple of weeks old :relaxed: .


Wow, it looks like the kit was sculpt to look like her! Amazing likeness!

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I definitely see the resemblance. I’ve been looking for years for one that looks like my daughter. Lucky you!!


Yes its amazing, maybe one day I can afford a portrait baby😊

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Keep looking I’m sure you’ll find your match!:stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, there will be the right kit at the right time…When I saw this kit of Dakota as a girl I asked hubby and my daughter who they thought she looks like…both said the same thing that I thought but hadn’t said anything about…without a doubt…our Ashley when she was very little… now she is 17 and has just graduated high school…whenever I get time want to REBORN her …!!.have the kit put away safely for now…wish my daughter had saved an item of Ashley’s clothing from back then.but it’s

all gone…


Yep! It is! That’s a great match!
From the first picture I ever saw of my niece, I thought of a kit that looked like her but I couldn’t remember which one it was. then finally, when she was about 1 1/2 months old I finally remembered!
Here’s her’s and my nephew’s match as well

And one of me with my grandpa as a baby. Not the best pic,the app I used to scan it put a watermark on it and wanted me to pay to remove it. :unamused:


I love Dakota, she looks like she’s about to start talking to you any minute!

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Wow! That truly is an incredible resemblance


Thanks Kayla…yes, Dakota Is a sweetie.:purple_heart:

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I love the Hattie kit and can’t understand why, for a limited edition, MacPhersons has had it on clearance forever. I have one that I’m working on and one that was reborn by another artist.

What a perfect match for all of them