Is this thinner good with Genesis?

Found this online. Has anyone tried it with Genesis? Did it work well with it?


Sorry the pic is so small. Not sure what happened. It is the Klean-Strip Green Odorless Mineral Spirits.

I think not. You have to get artist grade odorless mineral spirits. Those they sell in the hardware stores are harsh.

It’s not, I’ve used it before and it’s white, so it’s it makes all your colors pastel. I know your not supposed to use it, but I’ve used klean-strip many many times when a I’ve been out of gamsol and Mona Lisa, and it works fine for me, but the green does not work.

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So, the plain Klean-strip isn’t too harsh? It does work with artist grade paints?

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I’ve never had an issue with it. I’m actually using it right now… I know a lot of people say it’s too harsh. When I was first learning I used it a lot, pretty much just to keep costs down while I was just practicing and never had any problems. I did have issues when I tried their paint thinner, it would strip my paint. But honestly their mineral spirits work exactly the same as Mona Lisa for me. I get a slightly different result with gamsol, which seems a bit more oily to me. But this one works really well. I’ve painted my last 3 babies with it, and the 2 I’m currently working on.

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Thanks! Do you find it truly odorless? I may give it a try.

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No, it’s as odorless as all odorless mineral spirits, not very odorless!! It’s definitely not like regular mineral spirits, it doesn’t smell very strongly, I’m really sensitive to chemical smells, so I think they all stink though. It really smells and works exactly the same as Mona Lisa for me :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’m going to order some.

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