Is this the oven I need?

Soooo I was in BJs today and look at what I saw. Is this the specific one I need?

Since it didn’t have a “baking baby” picture I wasn’t sure LOL. And check out the price!


That’s it make sure there’s an extender ring good deal too

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I believe it may need the extender kit for baking babies but otherwise I think that’s the right type.

It has the extender ring with it. If they still have this when I get my school refund I will buy one. It doesn’t look that big though … Not for a whole baby. Lol

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Perfect! You’re going to LOVE it!!! :slight_smile:

If it can fit a turkey (chicken?) it can probably fit a baby, if not a few parts at a time lol.

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You should buy 2. That way you have a spare!

I don’t even have the money to buy 1 at the moment lol. Do they break easily?