Is this silicone a stolen sculpt?

This full body silicone looks just like Sanya.

I can see the resemblance. I would say it may be possible. But I’m not completely sure.

She also kind of reminds me of Coco Malu whom unfortunately there has been some stolen sculpts of :frowning:

I think the silicone is actually a stolen sculpt of Coco Malu :cry:

99% sure it is the illegal Coco Malu.

Elisa never had it made in silicone… but Itiva and other crappy companies sell the knockoff/illegal it


You are right, it is Coco Malu

Just saw that too. I recognized Coco immediately and thought “illegal” because poor Coco has been copied to death.

I messaged the artist. I politely told her I don’t know where she got the sculpt, but it’s a illegal one, and selling it could get her blacklist by quality customers. She didn’t respond. She probably had no idea there was anything wrong with it. But she does now.

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Her other silicones are illegal copies too. You are not the first to mention it.
She has Chloe De Graff copies also

The Coco Malu one no longer shows for me. Did she block me or take it down? And I was just about to ask about those others. I’m glad you already said who they are. Maybe someone should message Dave about.

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I think she took it down

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I don’t see her anymore on ‘Just born’ listing.

She (the doll) is gone completely.

The artist is still there but she removed her silicone listings

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