Is this possible silicone price?

Morning I saw on reborns a nursery “Sarah Stork Lane” selling 15" inch eco flex full silicone babies for $375 and 11" for $275? I was under the impression the silicone would cost more than that? Am I wrong or is this really possible?

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I think those ones are for blanks…

Personally I wouldnt buy any of the silicones on her listing but that is just my preference.

It’s possible if the sculpts are bad or silicone have a lot of flaws. Yes silicone is expensive but not as much as people think. You can mold and pour a preemie for less than 200-300$.
The equipment is what cost the most.

  • 16 lbs/ a gallon of Ecoflex20 is about 210$usd. + The silicone for the mold is less expensive. I am not sure but I think it’s enough for a newborn.

I wouldn’t buy anything from her but was thinking and I know they are blanks, but isn’t that cheap? I wonder if she is legit? She hasn’t been on there long , like 89 days?

Thanks I was curious about her prices and legitimacy.

It says she does her own sculpts and pours.

Thanks i did read her site info but thought how much it must cost to produce these. Then thought how can she make money after looking at other silicone prices. Just curious don’t know much about silicones… :footprints: :baby:

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Yeah, I had noticed her nursery as well and noticed how the sculpts didn’t look like other kits I’d seen. This explains it.
Idk much about silicones either.

I looked at them and I think they are not top quality pours.
You generally get what you pay for in silicone.
Cheaper kits usually have visible seam lines, lack smooth surface and can be mediocre sculpting.

I am currently working on a silicone by Cindy Lee that was more economical (not near cheap as these) and while it has a nicely smooth surface, it does have faint seam lines and a visible pour spout on top of the head. It was also poured in a very peachy silicone not as neutral as the nicer kits are. All in all it has been ok though as I used it for my practice baby for Susan’s online class. Here she is so far. I have yet to paint her nail tips, seal her and matte her.


It looks like she learning, the babies are not super “there” yet so she may just be trying to recoup a little as she develops her skills. They would be good practice babies if you are just learning to paint silicone.

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This is a very pretty silicone. How much do the blanks run?

So are you working on silicones or sculpting? Haven’t heard what you’re up to lately. I’m too old to change my venue from vinyl to silicone and all the ins and outs of the product. I was just curious about wether that was reasonable price seemed so cheap. :thinking:

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I am still up to my ears in painting vinyl. Did a little prototype project, and I may be doing the Valencia online show in Spain. I am giving them a raffle “Haunted Circus” Baby and doing a few other things. I have seven more sculpts on my workbench that will all be fantasy babies, meant to do them last month but things got a little busy.

I have sculpted and moulded some silicone mermaids. I made them for the Rose Show last year. I was going to bring them this year…but COVID. I want to do more sculpting, maybe stick to fantasy for silicone. I just need to find some extra hours in the day, having my son home from school all year has meant a lot less time to work.

Her sculpts are reasonably priced, I am guessing she is taking a bit of a loss because the is still developing her skills. I have some extra pigments I can send you if you want to hop on the silicone train but it is a bit pricey to dip your toes in those waters.


Is that the black and white mime we saw posted here awhile back? :heart_eyes:

Congrats! I can’t wait to see. :heart:

I bought this one back before she stopped making them. Her partner got ill and she no longer does them. She is in Australia and there was a currency conversion but they were around $1100.00 full price.

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