Is this head deformed?

I ordered a Presley kit and was wondering if his head is supposed to be this way or mine got deformed in his journey to me.

I don’t see s deformity. He just has a square head.

He looks to have gotten a little squished on one side. It’s not real bad and an easy fix. You can stuff the head with polyfill and do a bake cycle at 260 for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and it should be good as new. If don’t want to heat the vinyl in an oven then you can boil a pot of water, turn off burner and submerge the head for about 5 minutes, then set aside and allow to cool. The vinyl should go back into original shape as it cools. I have tried and had success with both ways but personally find the stuffing and heating to work best.


Ahh. Now I see it. It’s crushed on the right. It does look like an easy fix though. :slight_smile:

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Yes it looks squished on his right side of his face. It will be just fine once you do the first bake it will go into the way it is supposed to be no worries

Thanks all! I don’t bake so hopefully boiling water will do the trick!