Is this for real, on eBay

I suspect that this listing is using stolen photos. There’s no way this beautiful work is worth only a $55 listing. I want to turn it in but want to be sure.

Most definitely the description says “sillicone vinyl” lmbo


I just looked at this person’s other listings. Every doll looks painted by a different artist, so no way it’s this person’s work. I am so over these con artists.


Some of this account’s feedback shows people not getting what was in the photo. I don’t understand the positive reviews, though.


Yeah…I just looked and even though they say not as pictured…they still say they are happy with purchase :woman_facepalming:


So yucky! :weary: :nauseated_face:

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I read the reviews which are the test of the pudding. Some said the doll they received did not look like the doll in the picture; many said it did. All but one were very happy with the doll. Reason for buying: children’s doll, collection; newbie to reborns.

Overall with that customer profile, I don’t see that it is a scam.

Personally…I think if you receive an item that is not as pictured…it IS a scam…

The person/people who reborned these babies are also being used by having their work represented as someone else’s.


The pictures appear stolen from other artists. It looks like the dolls in them were painted by many different people. The Peaches kit has fine baby hairs at the front hairline and amazing painted hair while another doll has hair obviously painted by a different person. The Peaches kit is nearly $100 unpainted. And this person did this amazing detailed work that is that of an at least $500 doll and is only asking $55 for it? That’s an expensive financial sacrifice for a fancy child’s doll, if you ask me.

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Not all these are painted by the same person. Some photos are very professional and appear to belong to someone else, and others are less so. Different skill levels here, too. This looks quite fishy:

They also describe size and so forth just like the Chinese counterfeiters do.

I’m gathering, too, that the two Lou Lou’s are not original kits since the real kits are sold out and hard to find, and being sold for close to $1000.


Definitely not legit.


Fake for sure. It also says 5 available :roll_eyes: I’ve been at this a long time,but I can’t make 2 the same.
Here’s another one…beautiful Huxley. Look at the last couple of pictures and you see what you get. At least on this one you get to see the actual fake. Disgraceful! Ebay should not allow it! 23inch Weighted Body Reborn Baby Doll Realistic Silicone Baby Handmade Doll | eBay