Is this fixable?

This is my 2 year old nephews reborn. She has 3/4 limbs and her arm fell off. The disk popped out of the shoulder but is still connected to the body. Is there a way to fix it or do I need a new body? (Yes I know that reborns aren’t for kids but his mom asked me to make him one and new the risks)

You can buy loose joints and just replace it. But a new body may be easier.


Okay. I was thinking about putting her on a full limbs body so that this doesn’t happen again. He won’t care that it’s limbs are a bit short. Then it would just be a zip tie if the arm falls off right?

The limbs would stick out at an odd angle and I think it’s less cuddly without the arm caps.

The joints are fairly easy to replace. Putting it on a full body won’t work well with 3/4 limbs. They’ll stick out to the sides at an odd angle. I’m wondering how big the hole in the limb cap is. I think it’s pretty unusual for the disk to go through it. For a 2 year old, a cuddle body might be a better option.

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Is the baby heavy? If it is heavy and he carries her around by the arm it will prob happen with a cuddle body too unless it is very light. Maybe full limb replacement? Cuddle bodies attach the same way I think. I’d try to make it lighter for sure. I’m picturing my kids with dolls and stuffed animals… the arm was the easiest way for them to carry them

Good luck

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It can also help to reinforce the holes for the joints with iron-on interfacing.

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