Is this dealer legit?

Someone in a FB group posted they purchased a blank Vito kit from a supposed dealer in Spain called Mis Lindos Reborns. The COA she showed a photo of does not look like the COA issued with this kit at MacPhersons, and her COA has Vito’s name hand written in and Eliza Marx’s name hand written in. Also, the COA is written in Spanish. Others showed their COAs for the kit, which were written in German and printed by Eliza Marx who lives in Germany. We are wondering if her kit is a knock-off being passed off as real. She showed a photo of the back of the neck and Eliza Marx is stamped on it but no kit number or ID for the factory. I think Eliza’s kits are made mostly in a German factory. But wouldn’t they have some ID number on the neck flange?

I am not so sure about that. This is Elixa and Axel Marx website:

It seems strange that the COA that came with her kit is written in Spanish when the ones Macs were selling has the German COA from Eliza Marx.