Is this Angela Plicka's Genuine Page?

Someone contacted me saying when their friend tried to do business with this page, they were given 3 different emails and was offering gorgeous silicone babies to her for $250, which is too good to be true.

The page has a pic of a silicone Sam Legler. Was Sam ever released in silicone?

Here is what the woman wrote to me:

Hi. My friend just got scammed. Not only is it a too good to be true deal, ($250 for all silicone beautiful twin dolls) but they also insisted on the shipping company which is also trying to get over $200 out of her, for customs and life insurance? Reborn and silicone babies by Angela picka is the profile.
She gave her 3 different emails and 3 different names while trying to collect [the first] Trying to help her sort it out now.

Angela only has her personal fb and a website that she does not sell on.

Here is her FB


Sam is available in silicone, Mac’s sells his silicone kit. Unfortunately I also saw a Chinese silicone copy of Sam on Amazon a while back :frowning:

But this site is definitely a scam site, if you go to the website linked she has a Jaylan
“Jaylan, Black African-American new Silicone baby available for sale. pure silicone realistic baby. 22 inches long and weight is 2.5 lbs
Full body silicone and can be bath, squished and takes pacifier and water bottle like a real baby.”

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The posts on that page are…ironic.

Can Angela’ get it taken down since it uses her full name?


She (and others) have reported it and FB has done nothing.


I just reported it as well


Here’s 2 easy ways to know its a scam page


Thanks, ladies! I had a feeling it was fake but wanted to be sure. Thanks for pointing how to know. I’ll got report it too although it will probably do nothing. I’ll let the lady who asked me about it know.

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FB won’t do anything if you report it as pretending to be another business because they want you to provide a URL to the other business, but she doesn’t have one on FB. Nothing I choose seems to work to report this page. Ugh.