Is this a scam? Npk

Hi so I was on Amazon and saw this npk reborn baby and I really wanna know who the kit belong to before I buy herAC_SY200

She is a mass produced China reborn. If you want a reborn made by a real artist I suggest purchasing from someone on


Those things are knockoffs from illegally reproduced kits. I wouldn’t buy those.
The original kit is Henry/ Henriëtta.


This kit is illegally reproduced from a mould that was stolen, the artist is getting no money from the sale of this doll, and the paint job/hair are factory produced rather than done by hand and the quality is terrible. The kit being copied here is Henry/Henrietta by Sheila Michael. The company may send you a doll (an illegal copy with very little detail and extremely poor quality hair and paint) or they may not send you anything at all.

It will cost more, but the right thing to do is to have a reborn artist make you a Henrietta (or Henry) from a real kit. :slight_smile:


And as long as people purchase these, China will continue to get away with it and continue to do illegal copies. It only hurts the real reborn market. These dolls they sell are schlock.


Most of the people I’ve heard of who’ve bought one of these Chinese rip-off dolls pay and then never get sent the item they purchased. And if they do get something it’s not even close to what is in the photo from the ad. Buy from a legitimate reborn artist even if it costs more and look at clear close up photos of the doll you are buying and, if possible, photos of other reborns that person has created before buying. is a good site for buying a reborn baby.


I thought NPK was a legitimate doll company.

Me too but I guess not

NPK is knock offs that are factory painted and machine rooted. All dolls they sale are made from stolen sculpts.


I bought a npk doll off of ebay. He was cute but very cheaply made. In my opinion a doll fit for a child but not a collector.


You can’t even know if they are fit for a child. It’s questionable what is in the vinyl and paints. China has a lot of lead contaminated products. They are dishonest and steal the sculpts of reborn sculptors, and who knows what else nasty they do when making these dolls? I wouldn’t give one to my child. I wouldn’t purchase one because I’d be helping them continue to steal from sculptors.