Is this a real nursery?

Ive never heard of this nursery before but i saw it on facebook. The piglets are really cute. Is it a real nursery?

I’ve never purchased from them, but they sure have some cute piggies.

I wouldnt.

Those pigs I think originated from a “sculpture” you could buy and someone molded it then poured in silicone.
I could be wrong… I will go see if I can find the pig I am thinking of

I didnt find the sculpture/figure I was thinking of yet… but found these China listings for the same thing :frowning:
I view these the same as knock off reborns…

Multiple people have asked where she sources her pigs/ animals and she hasn’t answered. She’s going to be selling silicone babies soon, and I’m not sure about those sculpts

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They look like mass produced stolen sculpts, but I can’t say for sure. I suppose she’s not required to say where she gets her merchandise from/if she makes it, but I wouldn’t but for that alone. With the counterfeiting going on, anyone who refuses to share is an alarm bell to me

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Yeah it definitely looks suspicious. Just wanted to make sure lol