Is there some sort of list here of scammers?

I was wondering if there was an ongoing list on here of scammers from Ebay? I want to add their IDs to my blocked list if I can.

Kate, there isn’t one list of that, however a while ago members were adding to a thread of all the ones they’ve blocked. Put “block bidder” in the search box and you’ll find a lot!

You can block them here by adding their ebay name:

Here’s more info from ebay:

You can copy/paste the list of names and add it to your list. If there are any duplicates, ebay ignores the duplicate. I believe ebay also automatically removes ones that have closed their accounts.

There are several ladies that maintain an accurate list. @windeec might be able to post a list for everyone if she is still fairly current?

Thank you everyone. I went ahead and searched them on here. There is a TON! Got them all added though I think.

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